Create & Publish your Free Wix Website in 90 minutes

Learn how to turn your simple Wix web page to a Blog, Online shop, Drop-shipping or E-commerce Business.

This course will take you from a complete beginner to a power user mastering Wix tools through the practical sessions and assignments..

You will be able to publish your free web site; your own blog and you will be more creative in taking your site to the next level.

You will integrate & connect your site with social media applications (Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest) to market your site whether it is a simple CV, Blog, product page or a professional site.

What will you learn in this course?

Create your web site, connect it to social media applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linked & Pinterest and have a strong presence to market and grow your product.

Use easy & intuitive Wix editors & make stunning ready-made templates your own.

How to get Wix (ADI) Artificial Intelligence editor to create your website.

How to select & work with Wix ready-made Online store and other business templates and start market your product.

Finishing this course will make you feel comfortable & capable of creating your Blog, Online store, Drop-shipping or E-commerce Business.