Generating income from online Courses

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Leverage your background, get on that entrepreneurial mindset, and create your own online courses to teach others, and start generating income.

The number of students enrolling on online courses is growing exponentially. Ease of access, cost effectiveness and pace of learning are the de facto driving force behind the industry's rapid growth. The online learning industry has projected to pass 370 billion USD by 2026 according to EDUCATIONDATA.ORG.

Your culture, background and heritage play a pivotal role which is essential to diversify and innovate yourself to employ your own entrepreneurial mindset.

Since, we make our own decisions to solve problems and we redefine failure. We are already possessing the required entrepreneurial mindset to face new ideas and adapt to changes.

Turning ideas into actions gives you a sense of achievement and rewards you financially, only if, you are willing to implement your idea and actions.

Earning a million dollars is not a tough row to hoe, according to these Udemy instructors who earned $1.6 Million in one year.

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