Outsourcing IT/BPM projects

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Focus on business process management (BPM), agent of change, risks and manage success.

Almost all organizations I have worked for, have outsourced their IT projects or BPM, to obtain external services such as software Dev, QA, project management, human resources, etc.

Outsourcing is a term used when individuals, small businesses or organizations seek a service from outside source.

On one hand, some organizations consider outsourcing as a bad practice on the other hand, some consider it as a good practice.

Statistical figures, have another school of thought, which translates the judgment of good or bad into a worthy argument to pursue.

Especially, when one compares the facts and figures published by capital counselor regarding the global revenue of IT outsourcing markets.

Significant cost savings ideas for organizations, is the chief reason behind outsourcing market boom, watch this YouTube video by Business Day TV.

Reducing costs plays an important part for startups, who need that push to get their feet off the ground, this is where outsourcing is being perceived as an effective cost tool by new businesses. Unlike organizations who perceive outsourcing as a double edged sward, where it can be a good business strategy as stated by investopedia.

Cost savings allow individuals, businesses & organizations to promote growth, exercise better control. By focusing on the agent of change within their business processes to manage risks.

A business strategic trade- off between money and time has to be the focal point of any successful business.

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